Scrambled Eggs

I like the James Beard scrambled eggs recipe. I have modified it. He suggests

mixing your eggs and then cooking them ever so slowly, while stirring constantly

and folding in pads of butter. I set the heat at it's lowest level so it can

take 20 minutes or more to completely cook... I leave the eggs soft. Cooking

slowly allows this without them being runny. The constant slow stiring also

allows you to add lots of butter, which gives the eggs their richness. Over

cooking makes the butter seperate. Great on dry toast as well.


I used to love the scrambled eggs they served at Blair's near the downtown Los

Angeles Robinson's Department Store. They were rich and delicious too. I think I

stumbled on their secret. Blair's had an excellent bakery... their chocolate ice

cream cake was spectacular. I think they had extra egg yokes from the bakery and

added them to the scrambled eggs. I stumbled on this when I had some extra yokes

and just tossed them in when I was scrambling a passle of eggs. I recognized the

taste immediately! Twice as many yokes as eggs is a good mix but any extra yokes

help add a rich sweet egg flavor. People will wonder why your scrambled eggs

taste better than theirs.


Out here I use free range eggs from my arucanas (green shells), guinea fowl,

turkey (when available) and assorted farm chickens. Of course both techniques

are politically incorrect these days but... just don't tell your guests and look

at their faces when they dig in. Of course homegrown english style, not streaky

(which is what we get here) bacon is a good compliment.


I'm getting hungry.



How about Cobb salad... the real one? Or Thai fried rice?